Property & Investor Lists

Property & Investor Lists

Get access to one or multiple investors lists with our help. We can help you reach out to spreadbetters and traders in commodities, FOREX, property, stocks, CFD, and futures & options. Let us know what do you want to pitch and who you target audience is and we will help you to find the right people to get in touch with.

Who is on the List of Investors?

We are proud of the quality of our data and our lists contain email data of people not only with money, but also the ones who are genuinely interested in receiving opportunities for investment. We will discuss your options with you to ensure that your message goes to the most relevant list with people who are most likely to respond.

You can have access to multiple email lists, each of those was collected in a different way and would have different data and slightly different profile of investors. You can find a few examples below.

If you are not sure what list will work better or you, just get in touch with us and we will help you to identify the most useful contacts for you or your business, depending on your industry or potential amount of investment that you are looking for.

VIP Investors list

This is a very high quality file, as it can generate leads for £25k plus cash investments which means that good opportunities will convert well.

All of the publishers leads come from online enquiries so they are all inbound. For this reason regulated companies feel comfortable from a compliance point of view. VIP Investor either create dedicated landing pages or get in touch with investors who have enquired earlier and registered an appropriate interest for the new product.

Volume: 550,000 VIP Investor Emails and contact details


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