Investment Leads

Investment Leads

Investment leads from Alexander Twelve who specialise in generating fresh, interested and receptive.  With years of experience we now believe the future is digital advertising. Our in-house team can build you a sales funnel creating inbound leads through Google.

(Web Based) are generated via this proven method:

  • Buy traffic from Google Search
  • Build a landing page that matches the investment 
  • Real time inquires into your business. 

We can advertise on Google for all types of investments. From property investment to Isa investments to Crypto investment we can cover all types of investments. Are you looking for investors who want to invest £1000, £50,000 or £500,000 on their first investment? We can help create a flow of leads into your business within 2 weeks helping to create new business accounts. 

Start your own bespoke marketing campaign from as little as only £2500 per month?

A digital marketing campaign from a bespoke marketing campaign combining Facebook, Google and LinkedIn to generate fresh leads. Typically the lead can vary between £50-100 CPL and Bespoke Leads works on a % of overall spend.

How does this work?

  • Landing Page: Bespoke Leads in house design agency will build you a landing page based on your investment, your company and the offer.
  • Campaigns: The campaigns are set up on the channels with keywords, add groups and targeted audience.
  • Leads: The traffic from the campaigns are directed to the landing pages generating fresh inbound inquires of investors seeking to find out more information.

Alexander Twelve also provides products to investment companies. We carefully select products which can match with our inbound CPC investment leads. Should you be interested in products then feel free to place your details and one of our team will call you back.

We also offer:

(Pre-Qualified) are generated via this proven method:

  • Script is created for your investment opportunity
  • Our professional telemarketers call through qualify.
  • Leads can be called 24 hours after.

We currently have scripts for Property, Stock, Forex and many more alternatives. 

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