Three Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

Three Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

Amy Hawkes

Digital Marketer at CNC Group

Many companies make simple mistakes when it comes to their marketing plans, luckily their are some easy solutions Alexander Twelve can help you with!

1: Going head-first without a plan - Let's face facts - you need a strategy. Strategic marketing creates momentum, so that every time you market a new product/service, you are building on the previous. Without a proper focus, renew every campaign, which costs time, money, and effort. All should relate back to your overall goal, creating a specific niche for you in your industry, allowing you to develop a loyal customer base.

2: Boosting vs Facebook Ads - Social media is crucial. Boosting posts is basically a shortcut to doing Facebook Ads, which works out more expensive. Yes, boosting is an easy way to get people to see your content, however, it is also an easy way for competitors to see your content. 

3: Lack of Focus on Potential Customers' Needs - How well do you know your customers and the problems they want to solve? Avoiding this common error is simple, but not easy: find a need that you can fill, then fill that need better than anyone else. You'll need to do some research and testing. With a strong understanding of what your customers need and want, you'll be attracting repeat buyers.

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